Jon Greene - State Commander
Colleen Wiley-State Sr. Vice Commander
Kari Pfeifer -State Jr. Vice Commander
Ervin Yoder -State Quartermaster
Terry Frasher -State Chaplin
Mike Milam -State Judge Advocate
 Ray Schafer-State Surgeon                                                                                                                   


Jon Greene

Commander - Navy - Post 6428

Colleen Wiley

Sr. Vice Commander - Army - Post 3035

Kari Pfeifer

Jr. Vice Commander - Air Force - Post 2920

Mike Milam

Judge Advocate - Navy - Post 6069

Ray Schafer

State Surgeon - Army - Post 9571

Ervin Yoder

Quartermaster - Post 7424

Terry Frasher

Chaplin - Army - Post 3383


Terry Stanforth

Commander - Post 2947

Mike Baird

Sr. Vice Commander - Army - Post 6273

Dennis Payne

Jr. Vice Commander - Army - Post 9871

Jim Pisegna

Quartermaster - Marines - Post 1662

Marty Moore

Adjutant - Army - Post 1662

Chris Loman

Surgeon - Post 6273


Steve Jirousek

Commander - Army - Post 9871

Dave Carleton

Sr. Vice Commander - Army - Post 9871

Brian Carleton

Jr. Vice Commander - Post 9871

Ron MacGregor

Quartermaster - Army - Post 9871

Pat Foster

Chaplin - Army - Post 9871

Roger Bycek

Surgeon - Navy - Post 9871

Paul McElhaney

Officer of the Day - Navy


 Our hours have changed we are now open from 12 noon till 12am with last call at 11:30. Most of Covid19 restrictions are no longer in place but if you feel safer by waring a mask please feel free to do so.
   E-Bingo is back at the post in other words the machines are back!!!!!!



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